Alex Smith

I have worked with Kent for about six years and have enjoyed watching his success and the growth of his company. I think what makes him a great client, also contributes greatly to his business success. Along with the fact that Kent is an expert at what he does, he also does what he says he will do and is a man of integrity. I have throughly enjoyed working with Kent and getting to know him better over the years.

Why Netflix did the right thing

I have never heard so many whiners complain about a price hike as I have seen with Netflix.  It shows just how many American adults still act like spoiled children.  Here are some of the comments I have seen on blogs: the cost is too high if you raise the price, add more content 60% price increase is WAY too much I don't want to pay two separate bills I want more current titles no one raises prices in a recession The only thing Netflix did wrong was to back down from their origi...