Fusing Technology with Business

Cape Fear Software is about maximizing business ROI with IT.  My recent background involves managing small companies and managing software development, but I am qualified for senior management as a CTO/COO//VP over technology, operations, engineering and/or project management. I excel at communicating technology to non-technology people and bridging the gap between IT developers and the business process. The best use of IT is to assess how it can revolutionize your business processes IF you change how your business operates to take advantage of it. My systems engineering and business process improvement skills are not limited to IT; I can and have applied those skills to any business process.

Skills: agile program development, ServiceNow system administration, problem solving, systems engineering, technical sales, project management, big data, software integration, leadership

IT Specialties: custom workflow development, Magento eCommerce, custom WordPress, web development, web marketing and link building, environmental data management, document management, geographic information systems (GIS), Android and iOS software development, search engine optimization, PHP, MySQL, Java, Postgres