Halloween Party – Oct 31 2015

Happy Halloween!

I am throwing a Halloween Party.  Michael helped me go all out decorating the front yard, so a party seems in order.  Here are the specifics:

LOCATION: 7308 Peppercorn Court, Wilmington, NC 28411
TIME: 6:00 PM EST, Saturday, Oct 31, until Midnight-ish

The party crosses the trick or treat time frame, so I’ll be manning the door to scare trick or treaters for part of the time.  Kids with costumes can help me scare the trick or treaters, which Michael is looking forward to.

This party is kid friendly, and there will be adult beverages, so we cater to all.  Costumes are not required, although kids are encouraged to wear them!  If anyone wants to go trick or treating with Michael and Max, be here closer to 5:30 pm.

ACTIVITIES:  For the kids, I’ll have ping pong in the garage, new flood lights in the giant backyard for sports into the night hours, and anyone in costume can help feed or scare the trick or treaters.  Of course, there will be enough sugar to wire them all up.  For adults, its good food, good company, and perhaps a break from having to watch your own kids 24/7 :)

WHAT TO BRING: Feel free to bring a side dish.  Main entrees, drinks, and desserts are already taken care of.

WHERE TO PARK: I live on a cul-de-saq (7308 Peppercorn Court).  Normally, there is parking in my driveway, but it will be full for Halloween.  There isn’t much room in the cul-de-saq itself, but fear not; there are two alternatives.  The house two to the left of me at 7305 Peppercorn is For Sale and the owners already moved to Pennsylvania.  Four cars can park in their driveway (Blue House in diagram).  The rest of you can park on Brittany Lakes where I marked in red.  Brittany Lakes is a wide street, and not a lot of traffic on this end.  You can park on the grass itself on Brittany Lakes as long as its not directly in front of a neighbor; much of that section crosses the drainage culvert so its public property anyway.


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