Renee Jones

When I launched my company nine years ago, the internet wasn’t what it is today. My first corporate website fed off of an industry template and didn’t truly reflect our company culture or our capabilities. A new and improved website was long overdue, but I don’t speak “computer geek”. I was dreading the process of updating my site until I met Kent and Louise at NEONEXUS.

They may be experts at SEO and HTML and all of those other acronyms, but Kent and Louise don’t just speak “geek”–they also know how to speak my language. Louise made the entire process of creating my new site feel simple, easy, and fun. I even learned a thing or two; in fact, Louise was so skilled at explaining things in laymen’s terms, I’ve even asked for explanations on a few technical questions, which she very generously answered.

Even better, the process moved at a rapid pace; if I requested a change in the morning, it was usually completed by that afternoon! Often, Louise helped to guide me toward better solutions than the ones I thought of on my own. For example, when I asked for a “Submit Your Lapel Pin Story” page, Louise suggested that we also offer it in PDF format so that visitors to the site would have the option of completing the form online or printing it and faxing it to our office.

If I had known that designing a new and improved website could be completely frustration-free, I would have called NEONEXUS sooner. My site is about to go live any day now, and I can’t wait to share it with the world. It’s an awesome site, and I love it!

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