Custom Software

Programming in PHP

NeoNexus develops a large percentage of our websites using PHP.  PHP is a mature web technology that supports simple websites and sophisticated data management applications.  One of the big advantages of using PHP is there is a tremendous amount of open source software that NeoNexus can re-use for our customer without paying for licensing fees or coding everything from scratch.


PHP is used in such well known applications as WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.  There is also thousands of PHP applets that can be leveraged when developing software.

Originally, the acronym PHP stood for Personal Home Page, but PHP now stands for PHP Hypertext Processor (an example of a recursive acronym). PHP is an general-purpose scripting language suited for web programming and server-side web development. PHP scripts can be embedded straight into HTML code, enabling the use of dynamic web pages on your website. PHP syntax is very similar to C, Java, and Pearl.

Advantages of using PHP:

  • Stable, easy to use and easy to implement
  • Works with both Linux and Microsoft server operating systems
  • Scripts can be server-side or command-line, object-oriented or procedural
  • Capable of code for both static and dynamic web pages
  • Capable of creating desktop applications
  • Can simultaneously support multiple Web servers

Programming in Java

Java was created in 1995 as a derivation of C and C++, but with fewer low-level facilities and a simpler object model — it is a core component of Sun’s JAVA platform. Java applications, because they are compiled to byte code, can run on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM), no matter what the architecture of the computer hardware is.

Java is a general-purpose, object-oriented language that is intended for application developers, and is specifically designed to be class-based and have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

Advantages of using Java:

  • Simple, secure, and robust
  • Threaded programming for dynamic use
  • Portable because of the architecture neutrality
  • High performance

Java can be used to develop customized client-side applications, and web-based server-side applications for such online functions as stores, forums, and polls — Java is particularly adept at HTML forms processing.

Java applications can also be written for mobile phones, and almost any computer-linked consumer product.


Programming in the .NET Framework

From 2000 to 2010, Microsoft released graduated versions of the .NET Framework. The main purpose of this framework is to deliver software as a secure web service; features of .NET give programmers the ability to create, develop, test, operate, and manage any web-based solution designed to satisfy customer needs.

The Microsoft .NET Framework is a software infrastructure that can be installed on computers running any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It includes:

  • Common language infrastructure
  • Library of pre-coded solutions
  • Base Class Library

A programmer combines new customized code with the pre-coded solutions, adding in, as required, such items from the Base Class Library as network communications, cryptography, access to data sources, database connectivity, web application development, and standard and advanced numeric algorithms, to name only a few.

Besides the standard Windows implementations, the .NET Framework includes versions for both mobile and embedded devices. as well as support for the Windows CE platform, now used in Windows Mobile smartphones. A subset of the Framework, called .NET Micro, is intended for devices that are severely constrained in resource use, such as single-purpose consumer products.

Other Languages

In addition to PHP, Java, and .Net, NeoNexus has a vast network of programmers that can handle just about any programming language, including:

  • Perl
  • Python
  • C++
  • Cold Fusion
  • Adobe Flash Action Script

We also take legacy Microsoft Access applications and upgrade or enhance them, whether its improving them as is or migrating to a full SQL Server client/server application.

Don’t see your language listed?  Give us a call, and we will find you a resource.


Let NeoNexus use these programming tools to provide you with solutions for every aspect of your business. Some examples are:

  1. Integrate E-Commerce into Your Business – A new stream of revenue is always welcome — why not acquire some online revenue? Whether we integrate new functionality into your existing e-commerce solution, or build a custom e-commerce site for you from scratch, you’ll be pleased at the profit-making results.
  2. Accounting System Integration – Its crazy to build your own accounting system; there are many tried and true software packages out there.  Take them to the next level by pushing data in or out of the accounting system from other systems like operations, order/entry, project management, and inventory control.
  3. Implement a Project Management System – A project management system is important to the operation of your business — it allows you to track the work that’s important to you, whether it’s done by your staff, or by outside contractors. Let us customize an off the shelf product or build one for you specifically to meet your needs
  4. Build New Interfaces – Unhappy with the appearance of your business applications? Or does the old interface simply slow your staff down? Develop a new look with customized web-based Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) for those old applications that will not only make your staff more productive, but also will impress your customers.  Often there is no need to throw out the old application; just give it a facelift.
  5. Build an Online Community – Decrease your support workload, increase your customer support, and get useful feedback by having us build a multi-functional online community on your website for your customers.
  6. Develop Facebook Applications -Let us integrate your website with Facebook, the worldwide social networking site — it will bring you and your customers closer, and increase return business.
  7. Use PDF File Generation – PDF is today’s format for document exchange. We can build you an online invoice application, for example, which generates an invoice in PDF format, which can be then processed, emailed, faxed, or printed in many different ways.
  8. Parse XML Files – XML is an important component of RSS feeds from your website. With WML (Wireless Markup Language, a subset of XML), you can control the display of your data on cell phones. We’ll build a solution to parse XML files, and output the data as properly formatted displays for many devices.
  9. Build Mailing Lists – We can create scripts to build and maintain customer mailing lists that you can use to e-mail all your customers, or any sub-segment.  This includes integration with existing email marketing tools like iContact and Constant Contact.
  10. Generate and Process Images – Enhance your website with the added functions possible with images. Thumbnails, galleries, tools for cropping and re-sizing — it’s all possible when we add advanced image functionality to your website.
  11. Create Graphs and Charts -Instead of tables of numbers on your website, have your data presented to customers in charts and graphs: bar, pie, dot, step, scatter, and many more. Graphing and charting are yet another advanced function we can add to your website.